Improved Patient Compliance

The Carelinc RPM platform creates a real connection between the patient and the provider. The patient receives encouragement and feedback from linc Care Coordinators as well as customized education and video content directed by the provider. This connection and support have been shown to greatly increase patient compliance with medication, diet, and other activities.

Expanded Provider Services

RPM and the new 2020 guidelines create a tremendous opportunity for providers to expand their service offerings without placing more burdens upon themselves and their staff. Using linc, providers can leverage their time more effectively, guide the care of more patients, and offer more services, without having to increase workloads.


Improved Care Coordination

Our Carelinc platform not only connects patients to their providers but also their providers to each other. linc can generate a monthly provider report that can be shared with other professionals in the patient’s network. These reports can be easily added to the patient’s EHR records.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Using RPM and the Carelinc platform, providers get real-time information on the status and progress of their patients. This information can be used to adapt and fine-tune care programs for optimal patient outcomes. Tracking patient vitals, gathering survey data, and offering individualized support through the Carelinc platform and Care Coordinator provides the ideal environment for patient success.