WHY linc

In 2019 CMS launched an exciting new program called Remote Patient Monitoring.
It promised to help keep patients healthier and out of the hospital and create new reimbursement opportunity for doctors. Sadly, many of the practices that offered this to their patients have abandoned it and many of the companies that sold them on the program are gone. The idea was great, but not the result.


Nearly all the companies selling RPM to providers were software developers or simply sales teams who were reselling a software. Real healthcare background and understanding was far too often absent from the equation. Providers had to hire additional staff, dedicate significant space, stockpile devices at their own expense and understand the maze of payor adoption of the CMS created billing codes. A recipe for failure.

In 2020 CMS made a subtle but important change. Providers could allow a third party to take on the difficult tasks. That’s our role.

linc offers something much different. A true partnership. With decades of real healthcare IT, practice management, billing and compliance experience we know what it takes to get more than promises. We know how to deliver real results.

We take on virtually all the costs and additional workload to allow RPM to realize the vision for improved patient care that CMS imagined.

After fixed costs, we share in the revenue. Our model makes is easy to understand and fair.

Better care. New revenue. No hassle. We know you’ll like it.